Hello everybody!

My first blog post... In English... It's really not easy!
How to start...

To begin with, few words about me and this blog.

I'm a french engineer living in Paris. I worked on software development and architecture (desktop, mobile and embedded) and teams management.
Since a little more than a year, my work is more about Information Systems, with the rise of mobility needs, and more recently IoT.

I'm currently working for a firm (I can not say it's name for now) whose core business is based on selling services. These services include installed objects on customer sites. These objects contain consumables, and right now, someone needs to check everyday, if each consumable needs to be changed.

Now, the challenge is to add connectivity to these objects, to bring new services to the customer (as more traceability on consumption of consumables, reactivity...) and new tools for the company itself (based on data analytics).

I'm giving my "expert" opinion about each component of the system, from the object itself to the cloud software, passing by a PDA application, and the respect of the metier's will.
All this to say that IoT is since few months my daily language.

I've began to learn few things about RF communication, battery power consumption, and it gave me the itch to create some connected objects myself.
I hope I will even create a gateway, and allow my objects to interact with each other through some IoT platforms (or maybe build a custom-made small software ?)

Only one small problem....
I do know almost nothing about electronic !