Unable to install HAXM on Windows 10

I had some difficulties to install HAXM (which requires VT-X) on Windows 10 Enterprise to develop an Android app. I will tell you this secret...

Unable to install HAXM on Windows 10

I recently tried to install HAXM on a Windows 10 Enterprise to be able to launch an Android emulator.

I finally obtained Administrator rights on this PC thanks to Lazesoft.

Sadly, I was unable to install HAXM. I only got the following error message:

This computer does not support Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) or it is being exclusively used by Hyper-V.

I checked the BIOS, VT-X is enabled, and Windows task manager is also seeing a virtualization technology.

Task Manager Virtualization status

Hyper-V is disabled in "Windows Features".

Hyper-V feature is OFF

I tried to uninstall McAfee, as I read that some antivirus are blocking VT-X, but it didn't changed anything.

Finally, I found a GitHub issue, relating my issue. It seems that Windows Defender is blocking HAXM.

Sadly, with my version of Windows Enterprise, I was not able to disable that. I finally found the registry key to change:


I set the key EnableVirtualizationBasedSecurity to '0', and one reboot later, I was able to install HAXM !