/ DSO 138

DSO138 [2]: Calibration

After assembling the DSO 138 Kit, I had to calibrate the device.

For that, you have to plug the red probe on the square signal connector, on the top of the device.

DSO 138 Probe

Set the setting as such:

  • CPL: AC
  • SEN1: 0.1V & SEN2: X5 => 0.5V/div
  • 0.1ms / div

Use a small screwdriver to gently turn the C4 capacitor trimmer.

Do the same with the C5 capacitor trimmer, with the following settings:

  • CPL: AC
  • SEN1: 1V & SEN2: X1 => 1V/div
  • 0.1ms / div

Unfortunately, my first try was not a success. One of the capacitor trimmer was defective, and I had to un-solder it and buy another one to replace it.