DSO138 [3]: Acrylic case

Last step in the oscilloscope build: the acrylic case!

DSO138 [3]: Acrylic case

After assembling and calibrating the DSO138, I build the acrylic case.


The case kit is composed by:

  • 4 big screws, 8 nuts and 4 finishing nuts
  • 4 small screws, 4 nuts
  • 3 sliding buttons
  • 5 pushing buttons
  • 9 plastic parts

First try

I quickly tried to assemble it to understand the role of each part.

Step by step

Remove the protection film

Attach the screen to the first piece

Remark: One of my screws was in bad shape. I didn't used it.

Overlay two pieces


Top piece

Main screws

Sides (x3)

Main board + one side

Align the sliding buttons.

Add the nuts

Bottom layer

Add the finishing nuts.